Big Changes Coming!

You may have noticed that we've been a bit emails, little to no social media posts, no texts, etc...almost like we just disappeared.

As you may or may not know, I launched Pretty Dope Society in October 2020 with the goal of providing products that gave my daughter, Mariah, and all black children an opportunity to see themselves represented in items that they use daily. We created hundreds of products using Black art for babies, children, and adults.

Launching a business in the middle of a pandemic was a huge undertaking, but with your patience and support, we were able to navigate through the challenges as gracefully as possible.

After much reflection and many conversations with the mini-boss, Mariah, we've decided to make some pretty BIG changes. Pretty Dope Society as you currently know it, will be gone!

Don't fret, because we are only rebranding! We'll have a new logo, new colors, and new products! Once we officially relaunch, Pretty Dope Society will be exclusively a children's brand! That's right, all of the products we offer will be for babies and kids only!

As we near our relaunch, I will be sharing more information and sneak peeks of the new logo and products that we've been working on! Stay tuned...I promise you, it's Pretty Dope!


Chrishonda "Queen" B.
Founder of Pretty Dope Society

Pretty Dope Society Founders - Chrishonda and Mariah Benson